Our Story

Q Acoustics has been designing class-leading, award-winning loudspeakers since 2006. In that time, Q Acoustics has redefined every market it has entered, from the affordable to the high-end, from stereo and home cinema sound to the revolutionary Q Active wireless audio system and the recent advanced C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ driver design.

Q Acoustics’ unique approach is clear in the ground-breaking engineering and ingenious construction of its products - and the result is the most life-like, thrillingly realistic sound your money can buy, no matter the amount you want to spend. Numerous awards from the world’s leading critics simply confirm what every Q Acoustics owner already knows: Q Acoustics builds the most innovative, high-performance loudspeakers you can buy..


The first product to be launched was the 1000 series, a competitively priced range of hi-fi and home cinema loudspeakers, which soon became best sellers.

The 2000 series refined the technologies present in its award-winning 1000 series predecessor, to set a new standard for our celebrated loudspeaker line.

Next came QTV 2 - speakers that were specifically designed to improve the audio performance of flat panel TVs. This was a FIRST for the industry utilising Balance Mode Radiator (BMR) technology, a wide dispersion driver technology perfectly suited to AV products, ensuring the entire room was filled with sound.

"Some of the most forward-thinking products in existence."
What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision (November 2009), written when we were just 3 years old.

Q Acoustics launched the 7000 series - a 5.1 style-speaker system combining form and function, while containing the latest technological acoustic breakthroughs from the Q Acoustics engineering team. It was promptly awarded the What Hi-Fi? ultimate accolade as ‘Product of the Year’.

The 2000 series became the 2000i series as we completed an exhaustive overhaul to all audio-sensitive elements. The Q Acoustics team continued to innovate and create loudspeakers with superior acoustic quality, reproducing recordings as naturally as the original performance.

The Q Acoustics team announced a pioneering range of Install speakers providing pristine, audiophile sound from speakers that fitted seamlessly into a home environment.

The Concept Series was born, beginning with Concept 20 standmount speaker and showcasing ground-breaking cabinet making skills and introducing another industry first with GelcoreTM technology, which massively reduced cabinet distortion for the purest sound. Recognised by What Hi-Fi? with the ultimate accolade as ‘Product of the Year’ the following year.

This year also saw the launch of the Q Acoustics team’s first wireless Bluetooth-enabled powered hi-fi speakers with the BT3.

The team expanded the Concept series with the Concept 40 floorstanding speaker, one of the most remarkable Q Acoustics loudspeakers to date. To provide the ultimate home cinema experience, the Concept Centre was added to the growing range.

2014 also saw the launch of our very first ‘one-piece’ in the shape of the M4 soundbar incorporating BMR driver technology, with that superior room-filling quality. The critically acclaimed M4 soundbar quickly progressed to win What Hi-Fi? ‘Product of the Year’ twice!

"It’s amazing what Q Acoustics has accomplished in eight years."
What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision (May 2014)

The 3000 hi-fi and home cinema speaker series was launched, once again building on the class-leading innovation and craftsmanship of its predecessors to create a new range of world-class loudspeakers.

The M7 was introduced, combining the sleek style and performance of the award winning 7000i range, with a compact and powerful music and home cinema 2.1 amplifier with true stereo separation and Bluetooth connectivity.

The M3 soundbar saw beautifully engineered sound meet beautiful design with the introduction of HMDI (ARC) connectivity. The M3 went on to win the T3 Awards ‘TV Sound Product of The Year’.

This year also saw the launch of Q Acoustics’ flagship, ‘Formula one car’ speaker, Concept 500. This speaker pushed the boundaries and set new standard for high end speakers with technology including Dual Gelcore™, P2P™ (Point to Point™) bracing and HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer™) tubes. Concept 500 was reviewed several times stating that you had to spend more than twice the amount to get anything that would come close to its performance, while also winning the prestigious global EISA award.

The M2 was launched as the first soundbase product, combining M3 electronics with an even more compact form and hi-fi grade cabinet. The M2 won a 2018 What Hi-Fi? Product of The Year Award.

The same year, the 3000i speaker range was launched, featuring trickle-down technological from the flagship Concept 500 model, including P2P™ (Point to Point™) bracing and HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer™) tubes. The cabinet sizes also increased by 20% over its predecessor to allow for even more bass response. 3000i has received global acclaim, while also winning What Hi-fi? Product of the Year on consecutive years for the 5.1 home cinema packages.

Concept 300 set out to redefine what was possible from a standmount speaker. It uses much of the Concept 500’s driver and cabinet technology with the addition of brand new and innovative ‘Tensegrity’ stand, which combined with an integrated isolation base gives one of the quietest cabinet and stand combinations available today. Concept 300 has been critically acclaimed globally and received a Hi-Fi World ‘5 Globes’ and Diapason award.

We listened to our customers who wanted more bass and launched Q B12, a powerful 12-inch subwoofer and the first in a new range of subwoofers which you can use with any of our speaker ranges. Q B12 has received international acclaim and a What Hi-Fi? five star rating.

3030i was introduced, adding truly deep bass to the 3000i standmount speaker series and receiving five star reviews globally.

The Q Active series is the one of Q Acoustics’ most significant product launches to date. A ground up, uncompromising design, the smart Q Active 200 (bookshelf) and 400 (floorstanding) speakers were developed around three core principles – versatility, sound and design. Taking these principles to a class leading level, these entire high-resolution wireless audio systems fit conveniently and seamlessly into any living space and lifestyle.

So here we are, almost 15 years old with world-renowned audiophile speakers, all designed around the Q Acoustics commitment to be the best in class. As we approach our fifteenth years, Q Acoustics is still developing world-class products and we believe that we are just reaching our prime.

The M20 HD powered speakers is introduced. This versatile, high resolution Bluetooth system is designed to be the most powerful, immersive and convenient way to enjoy music, movies and gaming sound anywhere in the home. The M20 HD has garnered international acclaim, including five star ratings from What Hi-Fi?, Stuff and T3.

The newest models of the award-winning series of Concept stereo and home cinema loudspeakers are launched. This ranges features the Concept 30 standmount, Concept 50 floorstanding and Concept 90 centre channel. Taking cutting-edge acoustic technology and design cues pioneered in the flagship Concept 300 and 500, while also introducing new state-of-the-art audio innovations, these new models deliver truly high-end home audio performance without the high-end price tag. Just like it Concept brethren, these speakers have received critical acclaim across the globe.

Q Acoustics introduces its first install system. E120 is a fully wired, installed audio hi-fi system for any room in the house, featuring digital and FM radio, Bluetooth wireless audio for streaming music and an input for TV sound. The zero-clutter design compliments the company’s range of superior-sounding install in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

Our 5000 series of stereo and home cinema speakers launches, showcasing genuine advancement in driver design with the introduction of the leading-edge C3 Continuous Curved Cone™ profile in the mid/bass driver.

Positioned between the multiple award-winning 3000i range and Concept series models, the 5000 family is comprised of the 5010 bookshelf, 5020 standmount, 5040 floorstander, 5050 large floorstander, with the 5090 centre-channel completing the line-up for a home cinema speaker set-up. The also series also inherits innovative cabinet and driver technology from the company’s flagship Concept range for an exceptional sonic performance.

The 5000 series has garnered critical acclaim, with the 5040 floorstanding model winning a prestigious What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year award.