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Q Acoustics 7000i "The 7000i is a stunning package"
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine, October 2013

Q Acoustics BT3 “these speakers knock any similarly priced soundbar’s into a cocked hat”
What Hi-Fi? 5 stars, February 2014

Q Acoustics Concept 40 “Superlative … brilliantly balanced package …. excellent value” ..... “Wonderfully clean and open ... bass is surprisingly strong … the midband is a joy”
HiFi Choice, June 2014
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Q Acoustics Q-TV2 TV Speakers "...head and shoulders above the competition"
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine, October 2011

Q Acoustics 3020 "Fabulous Value? Without a doubt"
What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine, March 2015

Q Acoustics
- the best affordable speakers in the world

The design brief for Q Acoustics products is very straight forward. We simply aim to design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers in the world. Not of course the world's at any price; but certainly the world's best speakers 'for the money'.

To achieve this monumental task we assembled a team from the world's most experienced and successful loudspeaker designers and we are 100% confident they have been completely successful. The results speak for themselves. Q Acoustics speakers receive prestigious awards and universal acclaim from consumers and expert reviewers alike. Everyone agrees that Q Acoustics products deliver a sonic performance unequalled at their price.

In 2014 Q Acoustics enjoyed great success at the What Hi-Fi? Awards winning an impressive five awards;-
"Best Stereo Speaker £200-£400" / "Product of the Year" - Winner: Concept 20
"Best Stereo Speakers up to £600" - Winner: 2050i
"Best Soundbar £300-£600" - Winner: M4 Soundbar
"Best Traditional Speaker Package up to £700" Winner: 2000i 5.1
"Best Style Speaker Package £700-£1,000" - Winner: Q7000i

Newly released products in 2015 have been gaining rave reviews with the
Q Acoustics 3020 gaining a 5 Star Award from What Hi-Fi? Magazine and the
Q Acoustics 3000 5.1 winning Best Buy awards from Home Cinema Choice and AV Forums.

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