Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics is a multi-award winning hi-fi brand

Concept series

Concept series goes beyond anything that Q Acoustics has achieved before. It's a beautifully styled product which we confidently believe provides a level of sonic performance previously thought impossible at its price point. To achieve this extraordinary result, Q Acoustics' design team applied advanced technology to address the fundamental problem of cabinet resonance, widely recognised as the single biggest hurdle preventing 'high end' sonic performance. Then each detail of what makes a good speaker great was addressed one by one.

3000 Series

We challenged the Q Acoustics team to design a completely new range of loudspeakers that would better their previous achievements - the hugely successful and highly acclaimed '2000i' Series. Coming from a fusion of both evolutionary and revolutionary thinking, the new range benefits from state-of-the-art design technology, as well as improvements to the cabinet construction derived from our ground breaking 'Concept' models. Beautiful to behold, and available in five attractive finishes, the new Q Acoustics 3000 Series are simply astonishingly good loudspeakers.

2000i Series

First introduced at the beginning of the decade and following an upgrade to 'i' status, this now classic range of hi-fi and home cinema speakers, is one of the most decorated in the history of the British speaker industry. Paying equal attention to providing exemplary music and cinema sound reproduction, meeting the needs of a broad range of applications using only five products each with a choice of four luxury finishes.

7000i series

7000i is a 'style' speaker range where the focus is on getting the biggest sound from the smallest, best-looking speakers. This is done by moving as much of the bass as is possible into a subwoofer, enabling the designer to make much smaller speakers for the front and surround channels, each with their mounting method as part of the clever design. Moving away from a fibreboard cabinet gives more flexibility for getting the best acoustic shape and appearance. Of great importance is that here is enough overlap between the speakers and subwoofers bandwidth to ensure that they cross-over seamlessly without any gaps or peaks. This has been done by giving the 'satellite' speakers enough low-frequency extension that they can actually be used on their own.

Media speakers

As screens have become slimmer there was less acoustic volume available within them for an adequate loudspeaker system to be incorporated and sound systems have been added externally to bring life to all but the most compressed of programme material. TV and technology manufacturers started to produce these and promote them for sale alongside their screens. But why put up with 'adequate' when you can get screen sound from a loudspeaker specialist like Q Acoustics. Our first two Media products have both been best sellers and we now have a whole family of audio systems to suit a range of customer budgets and requirements.

Install series

It's a common misunderstanding that in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are a compromise for the sake of appearance and thus provide a compromised performance. This need not be the case and certainly is not for Q Install. The great benefit for the acoustic designer is knowing precisely where in relation to the nearest boundary (ceiling or wall) that the speaker is going to be installed and also not having to worry about resonances and diffraction effects from panels and edges of a speaker enclosure, as there isn't one. It is perfectly possible for an in-wall speaker to perform as well or even better than a cabinet equivalent. Having high quality sound throughout the home and even outdoors is a luxury to be appreciated.