Q M7: HiFi System

Beautiful for Music, Stunning for TV

Soundbar ease of use with Hi-Fi sound quality and home cinema power.

However good a soundbar is, it can never compete with the sound quality of a true hi-fi system, which is why Q Acoustics created M7, a fusion of the acclaimed 7000 series lifestyle speaker system and a bespoke amplifier to deliver a 2.1 A/V sound system that also excels as a pure Hi-Fi system.

Elegance is not usually associated with power, but our slim 7000i speakers combine with our 7070Si subwoofer to create an earth shattering sound for music and movies. Powerful, but with a sound quality you just can't get from another similarly priced home cinema system.

M7 2.1 Home Cinema System

Intelligent Application of Power

The heart of the M7 is Q Acoustics’ new dedicated Q AVA 50W +50W stereo amplifier with a precision on-board DAC (digital to analogue converter), twin optical digital inputs, as well as analogue and advanced wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for the ultimate music and movie experience, the dedicated MoviEQ™ button delivers ultimate movie sound with cinematic bass. The amplifier features signal sensing automatic source selection and can be controlled by most set-top box remote controls as well as its own small and neat IR handset.

2.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package

Intelligent Connectivity

With Q Acoustics' new Intelligent Pre-Amplifier (IPA) designed to seamlessly integrate into your home setup, the M7 is a true plug and play Hi-Fi system. Connect it into your home entertainment setup using Bluetooth aptX or one of the two 24/192 precision DAC Toslink inputs, and relax.

Having twin Toslink inputs, one can be used for the TV and the other for any type of digital music player including the latest network music streaming devices to provide multi-room capabilty.

Complete 2.1 System With Amplifier

Installation options

Each of the two Speakers come with a table mount and a ball joint permits angling them in a wide variety of directions.The table mount doubles as a wall bracket by revolving it 180 degrees on the ball joint and using the key-hole fixings to attach it to screws in the wall, again permitting the speaker to be pointed across a wide solid angle. It is also possible to hang them from the ceiling using the key-hole screw head fixings in the base. The amplifier, speakers and subwoofer are all available in both white and black finishes. The 7000i accessories of Floorstands and Subwoofer Wall Bracket can be used with M7