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Q M2: HiFi Soundbase

Compact Bluetooth soundbase

The Compact Soundbase

A soundbar never sounded this good.

The M2 takes the heart from our M3 streamlined soundbar, and packages it in a compact product for those of you with a shortage of space. We've taken all of our acoustics, intelligence and connectivity, and placed it in the most acoustically detailed and powerful sounding soundbase you can hear.

Soundbase With Built In Subwoofer

M4 WHF Awards

Big Heart

This little guy is designed to be heard, not seen, and he sounds big! At Q Acoustics we have developed a compact acoustic offering that will allow you to discover previously unheard, subtle layers to your movie and music soundtracks. Detailed and wide dispersion BMR's provide clarity, whilst the big heart, our inbuilt Dual Voice Coil (DVC) subwoofer, gives a depth of soundscape that will transform your TV sound.

M4 BMR Drivers

2016 Soundbase With Built In Subwoofer

Q-Acoustics M4 High Fidelity Audio Reproduction

Intelligent Connectivity

With Q Acoustics' new Intelligent Pre-Amplifier (IPA) designed to seamlessly integrate into your home setup, the M2 is a true plug and play soundbase. Connect it into your home entertainment setup using Bluetooth aptX or the ARC HDMI input, and forget about it. The M2 becomes one with your TV, leaving you to discover the two sides of this compact product, movie and music.

This Soundbase Challenges Sound Bars

M4 WHF Awards

Switchable Acoustic Voicing

We understand that everyone has a different room setup, and that a new gadget should not be intrusive to your current lifestyle, so we have taken the care to ensure your M2 will sound at its absolute best no matter how you place it. Stick it on a cabinet or place it in a cabinet, just change the switchable EQ and let us open your ears and allow you to enjoy movies and music as they were intended.