An increasingly popular way to add the ‘wow factor’ to a home is to include a multi-room audio system. In case you don’t know what it is, the system allows you to place featurebanner2speakers around your home and stream music to a specific speaker in different parts of the house via an app. It allows you to create an all-encompassing atmosphere throughout your home with the same music being played in every room.


A down side of a multi-room audio system is that it can be quite expensive and complex to install. However, Google has created a product that means you can create your own multi-room audio system at a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle. The Google Chromecast Audio Puck is a small 1device which connects to your speaker via a 3.5mm port. You then simply set up a zone, for example, the kitchen or living room, and control the speaker via an app which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Mac and Window laptop, or Chromebook. The pucks talk to each other, therefore allowing speakers in different rooms to be connected wirelessly, meaning you can play the same music throughout the house or in a specific room.


Whilst the idea of the Google Chromecast Audio Puck is amazing in itself, part of the appeal of a multi-room audio system is the quality of sound you get when you install it. Simply plugging in a puck to any speaker will, of course, give you the incredible ability to stream music throughout your home, but you may not have the 2same quality of sound in doing so. However, at Q Acoustics, we have ensured that our Media range products have a 3.5mm port on the rear, which means you can plug in a Google Chromecast Puck and create a multi-room solution using our incredible speakers.


Our Media range consists of the M2, M3 and M4 soundbars and the M7 hi-fi system. The entire range has been specially engineered to produce the optimum sound experience. The multi-award winning M4 soundbar delivers the ultimate sound experience and value for money, meanwhile the M3 is a compact wireless soundbar with built-in sub-woofer designed to provide the ultimate room-filling sound experience, whether it sits on the top of a table, in a cabinet or mounted via the built-in wall bracket. The M2 is based on the M3, with the same technology at its core, but has a greater depth which allows it to sit under a TV 71nLsNTZisL._SY355_or be placed in a cabinet. If you want to take it a step further and experience an all-encompassing sound experience, the M7 hi-fi system is for you. It is a fusion of the acclaimed 7000 series lifestyle speaker and a bespoke amplifier to deliver a 2.1 A/V sound system that also excels as a pure hi-fi system.


Whilst some may choose to invest in a fully integrated multi-room audio system, and we encourage you to visit our sister company Systemline for a quality solution, others may prefer something a little simpler. For those people, our Q Acoustics speakers, combined with the Google Chromecast Audio Puck, is the answer!