In 1876 Alexander Graham Bellab patented his first electric loudspeaker. The quality wasn’t very good and it wasn’t capable of recreating sounds at low volumes but the loudspeaker had been born. Fast forward 141 years and you have a multitude of companies, Q Acoustics included, using his original concept in order to create award-winning and innovative loudspeakers.


Don’t worry, this isn’t a history lesson, but in light of the upcoming release of the Concept 500 floorstanding speaker, we thought it would be fitting to take a look back at how far we have come since we launched our first range, the 1000 series, in 2006.


We are an exceptionally young brand that entered into the competitive world of loudspeakers just eleven years ago. Originally founded by professional engineers and business leaders, our sole aim has always been to develop a highly successful best in class loudspeaker brand based on audio performance.


Innovation has always been in at the heart of Q Acoustics. In 2009, we launched the QTV2.

Picture 416

Picture 416

These speakers had been specifically designed to improve the sound quality of flat screen TVs. Our team worked especially hard and as a result we became the first company to utilise BMR, a wide dispersion driver technology which ensured every corner of the room was filled with sound, from a speaker system.


Fast forward two years and the engineering team delivered another technological acoustic breakthrough to create the 7000 series, a 5.1 style speaker system. It was soon awarded “Product of the Year” by What Hi-Fi? for its engineering mastery.


2013 saw us launch another industry first within our Concept range by developing and creating our innovativeindex Gelcore technology, which massively reduces cabinet distortion. As a result, we were awarded “Product of the Year” by What Hi-Fi the following year for our Concept range of floorstanding speakers.
In 2014, the accumulation of seven years of hard work resulted in us creating our first ‘one-piece’ speaker, the M4 soundbar. This speaker, which incorporated BMR driver technology, went on to win What Hi-Fi “Product of the Year’ three times!


When we started out on our journey, we gathered, what we believe to be, the best loudspeaker engineers in the world to create a range of products that would allow audiophiles to listen to their favourite music, watch blockbuster movies and play the latest video games with the best sound experience possible. And as we move closer to the release date of the Concept 500, which has already received rave reviews from What Hi-Fi? and Gramophone, we eagerly wait to see what our incredible team can achieve next!