Choosing a music streaming platform can be an overwhelming experience. Each of the big services have something that makes them great, but you don’t want to be paying for multiple services – so which one do you go for? We have summarised the top five services to give you a helping hand.


Spotify (Free or £9.99/month)


It could be argued that Spotify was the platform that ushered in the modern age of music streaming services. Originally offered as a free service through an ad-supported option, Spotify has improved over the years adding features that allow for offline listening and auto-generated ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists. Despite not having the highest music quality, or the exclusives that some of the other big music streaming services do, it is one of the more polished platforms out there.


Apple Music (£9.99/month)


Given that Apple enjoyed huge success with the iPod and iTunes, it’s a surprise that it was so late to the streaming game. Despite only going live in 2015, the Apple name meant it launched with an incredibly extensive library and some great features. One of Apple’s strongest points is its list of exclusive artists, which includes powerhouses like Drake and Taylor Swift. Another great aspect of Apple Music is the amount of content it recommends to its users. It is the top choice for someone who wants to discover new music.


Deezer (Free or £9.99/month)


Deezer is perhaps the lesser known streaming service, especially as it was only available in the US until recently. It has an extensive library and an elite premium tier that allows subscribers to access high-quality music at home. Deezer prides itself on its 40 million strong library, with access to both podcasts and music. However, the curation is a bit weaker than other streaming services and you won’t get the impressive exclusives that can be found on Apple or Tidal.


Tidal (£19.99/month)


Before its acquisition by Jay Z in 2015, Tidal was pretty much unheard of. The platform offers the highest-quality music streams of all the major streaming services, and it also pays the highest amount of royalties to its artists. However, this ‘ethical music service’ comes at a price. At £19.99, it is the most expensive platform on the market. Despite the price tag Tidal is excellent for exclusive content. Beyoncé premiered her visual album Lemonade on the service, and artists such as Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Prince all have content that’s exclusively available on Tidal. It is the streaming service to choose If you want premium content and lossless music streaming.


Amazon Prime Music (£79/year)


Prime Music isn’t a standalone streaming service. Instead, it’s part of Amazon Prime’s membership scheme, along with its video and film-streaming service, one-day delivery on products and the Kindle e-book lending library. The catalogue is much smaller than other streaming services at only 1.4m, rather than 30m+. You’ll often be pointed towards Amazon’s MP3 store to buy instead. However, the Amazon market is pitched at a more mainstream audience – people who are just as happy listening to an 80s Rock Anthem album as they are searching for specific music. It is a limited streaming service but it knows its audience well.


A lot of places will champion Spotify as the winning music streaming service, however, we don’t think the answer is that clear cut. These streaming services are constantly changing and improving in a bid to out-do each other. It simply depends on what you are after from a streaming service. Whatever you choose, Q Acoustics can help you to enjoy your streaming platform of choice via the best speakers around.