Q Acoustics 2020i Gloss Black Bookshelf Speakers

The Q Acoustics 2000i bookshelf speaker series are clearly one of our best ever compact range. We also believe they are sonically the best affordable speakers you can purchase.

An outrageously bold statement? Well bold certainly, but outrageous? We don’t think so. We urge everyone to audition these models for themselves. We’re confident that once you have heard them, you’ll agree they are simply outrageously good loudspeakers for the money.

The design brief for the Q 2000i models was to improve on the award winning 2000 series. Given the performance of the previous models, that was never going to be easy and the design team decided the only way to achieve this goal was to investigate and then exploit the very latest breakthroughs in materials technology.

Put simply, the substantial sonic advances delivered by the Q Acoustics 2000i Series loudspeakers are the result of extensive scientific research.


The Q 2000i Series has received universal acclaim from specialist reviewers all around the world.

Every single model in the range has received prestigious ‘Five Star’ reviews and ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’, the world’s No.1 home entertainment magazine, bestowed no less than three coveted ‘What Hi-Fi? Awards 2013’ on
Q 2000i Series models:




What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2013What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2013What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2013

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