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7000i Series Accessories

Mounting options for 7000i Speakers & Subwoofers

An Alternative to Table Top or Wall Mounting

The 7000i Speaker Stands are a perfect match for 7000i Speakers. The Speaker base is removed and it attaches directly to the Stand with the cable running internally up the Stand column. The Stand base is made from stylish armoured glass so floor coverings can be seen through it. The Stand comes fitted with spikes or rubber feet for stability and is available in White and Black matching finishes.

7000i Series Speaker Stands

M4 WHF Awards

The 7000i Subwoofer Bracket provides the opportunity to lift the Subwoofer off the floor and wall-mount it for stability and tidiness. The Bracket connects to the wall and the Subwoofer feet, but it can be easily removed for service or cleaning. A mounting template is supplied with the Bracket.