The Q Acoustics Q-TV Speakers

2.1 TV Speaker System

New flatscreen TVs are getting bigger and better. They produce crystal clear, pin sharp images and their sleek, stylish, space saving designs have wide-ranging appeal. Yet like most things there's a compromise - as screens get slimmer, sadly the sound they produce has also got thinner. Now Q Acoustics introduces 'Q-TV2', an innovative, technically advanced solution which enhances your complete enjoyment of TV, movies and music in your home, without intruding into your living space.

Q-TV2 HD Sound for your TV

The 'cabinet within a cabinet' Gelcore(TM) construction

About Q-TV2

Truly discreet 2.1 HD sound

Born out of a passion for perfection, the Q-TV speakers will transform the way you enjoy your TV. The first truly discreet, 2.1 HD Sound upgrade for flatscreen televisions, Q-TV delivers dynamic, room filling stereo sound with real bass, yet is completely clutter-free with almost no visual intrusion into your living space. Unobtrusive and supremely easy to install, it boasts 100 watts of amplification, driving eight advanced technology loudspeakers in stylish stereo enclosures and an integrated vibration-free, ultra-slim subwoofer.


Upgrade your TV experience and enjoy HD Sound

  • 100w 2.1 Stereo system
  • Ultra-slim, vibration-free subwoofer
  • 'BMR' drivers for wide sound dispersion

Q-TV speakers are available in two sizes

  • Q-TV2 fits any 30" to 42" screens

Plug and Plays

  • Simple to connect
  • No speaker cables required
  • 3 x EQ setups to suit environment

Easy to use

  • Uses existing TV remote
  • Auto standby when not in use (with low power consumption)

Auxiliary Input

  • Connect an iPod or other personal audio player

Digital 'Lip-Sync' adjustment


  • Speaker type: Force cancelled bass reflex with dynamic EQ
  • Drivers: 4 x 15w bass driver
  • Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 50Hz - 18OHz
  • Power: 50WRMS
  • Dimensions: 325mm x 550mm x 38mm


  • Speaker type: Sealed box with wide dispersion
  • Drivers: 2 x 15w Balance Mode Radiator
  • Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 18OHz - 2OkHz
  • Power: 25Wrms per satellite
  • Dimensions: 325mm x 30mm x 110mm


The simplest way is to connect Q-TV speakers to the TV's headphone socket. The volume of Q-TV speakers is then controlled from your standard TV remote control and is completely seamless in operation.

If this is not possible, then Q-TV speakers can connect via the television's audio or optical outputs and the volume adjusted by the Q-TV supplied remote control.

Connecting the QTV


"Sound is brilliant and better then any of the other sound bars on test"
Which, September 2011
"Delivers improved audio while blending reality into the background"
"an ingenious design"
AV Review, August 2010
"The perfect way to bolster you TV's sound"
WHAT VIDEO & HI-DEF TV, March 2010
" Q-TV is almost invisible but sonically impossible to ignore"
Stuff, April 2010
"Sound improvement is immediate and obvious"
"Practically invisible and essentially becomes a part of your flatscreen"
Home Cinema Choice, January 2010
"The neetest home cinema system ever conceieved"
"The improvement over your flatscreen's own audio performance is huge"
"You have to hear Q-TV2"
What HI-FI?, November 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it different?
The Q-TV System uses 'BMR' (Balanced Mode Radiator) loudspeaker drivers which not only give exceptional sound performance but also have very wide dispersion. This means, wherever you sit in your room, you'll still enjoy the full hi-fi or home cinema experience. Additionally, because the advanced BMR drive units we employ are extremely narrow, (only 131mm x 29mm), we have been able to make the whole Q-TV system incredibly slim. Astonishingly, the subwoofer is only 38mm deep and easily hidden when mounted on the rear of the TV screen.
What size screens will Q-TV fit?
Q-TV2 fits 30" to 42" flat screen TVs. (Q-TV2 can be adjusted from 858mm to 1123mm).
Surely if the Subwoofer is mounted to the screen the vibration will damage the TV and blur the picture?
No, the subwoofer is a special 'force-cancelling' design. This means that, even at high volumes there is almost no cabinet vibration - very unusual for a subwoofer! So no screen damage and sharp, clear pictures.
How does it fit to the screen?
With the two vertical mounting rails supplied, the Q-TV2 bolt to the 'VESA' holes in the rear of your screen. This takes only a few minutes and then you're ready to plug-in and listen to wonderful, hi-fi quality sound. Naturally, everything you require to fit the Q-TV to your flat screen is included in the box
What connections are needed to the TV?
The simplest way is to take an output from the TV screen's headphone socket to Q-TV2. In this way, Q-TV2 is seamlessly controlled from the standard TV remote control and virtually invisible in use. If there is no headphone output, then use the line-out or optical output from the TV. When connected in this way, volume is controlled by Q-TV2's own remote handset.
My connection sockets are on the back of my screen, how will I be able to fit the plugs?
Often the terminal panel of the TV is recessed, but if the plugs protrude or if the back of the screen isn't flat then spacers are supplied to hold Q-TV away from the screen. Accessing the terminals is easy - just unclip the subwoofer at the top and lean it back to gain access
Can I still use my existing (manufacturer's) table stand?
Yes, Q-TV2 attaches to the rear of the screen and both are supported by the table stand.
Can I wall mount?
An optional wall bracket is available. This holds both the screen and Q-TV flat to the wall. The wall to screen depth is kept to a minimum. Additionally, the wall bracket can be attached to a cantilever bracket, enabling both screen and speaker system to be angled towards your preferred viewing position.
Is it possible to connect rear effect speakers?
No, Q-TV takes its audio signal from the TV which provides only left and right stereo signals, there is no rear effect signal available.
What cables do I need?
The system is supplied with a 3.5mm mini jack lead for connection of Q-TV to the TV's headphone socket. Also supplied is a phono lead for connection to the TV's line output. If your TV has neither of these you will need to use an optical (toslink) lead - not supplied.
When using a digital box the picture and sound may seem out of step - does Q-TV address this issue?
Often the digital video signal has more electronic processing than the audio signal, this delays the picture to a point where speech and image are not synchronised. To counter this problem Q-TV has a variable digital audio delay adjustment - users can then adjust the sound, step-by-step until it perfectly matches the picture.
Can other equipment be played through Q-TV?
Yes, there is an auxiliary input - this can be used for audio playback from an iPod, CD player or other portable players.
Do I have to turn on Q-TV2 every time I want to watch TV?
No. Q-TV has signal-sensing power on/off. When you turn on your TV, Q-TV turns itself on automatically. When you switch your TV off, Q-TV goes into 'standby'. This means you not only save electricity but Q-TV is seamless in its operation - fit and forget!
What can I do if I hear sound problems while watching HD channels?
HD channels often broadcast a 5.1 channel audio stream, which the Q-TV cannot decode to analogue stereo. When this happens all you will hear from the digital input is 'noise'. Fortunately, this is easily overcome by allowing the TV itself to decode digital 5.1 signals to stereo. Instead of connecting the TV to the Q-TV using an optical cable, use the 2 phono/2 phono lead via the 'audio out' sockets or the 3.5mm jack lead via the headphone socket. This should completely solve the problem with no audible loss of quality.
Can I get white grills for use with the white speakers?
All our white speakers are supplied with black grilles* as when white grille cloth is used a dark circle always appears after a few months, directly in front of the bass driving. This is caused by dust in the atmosphere being forced through the grille cloth by the movement of the bass cone - hence all our grille cloths are dark. * exception is the Q-AV rear speaker which has a metal grille which is easily wiped clean.